Benfleet Camera Club - Duplicate check

Keep a file of all images in three directories; League, Trophy and annual. These should be the full size submitted in the upload process. Keep individual directories per competition with a clear indication of DPI or Print and date (needed to check allowed duplicates).

Use the program Awseome Duplicate finder (free) from I am not sure how it does it, but it is a clever tool with these features:-

It is fast, scanning at just under 10 images per second, about 4 minutes for just over 2000 images.   It takes about two minutes to check results, as due to our allowing reuse, it does find duplicates and we have to eliminate false positives (allowed in DPI and Print leagues in different years). There is also the need to crop plain borders off and save as a second image as it will not match images if one has a sizeable border. It gives a figure for percentage of similarity.   It isn't perfect, but it is much better than trying to do it any other way.   Note that the check is by contents of the image, the file name is ignored,

Open the program, click on the + (plus sign) and browse to the folder to be checked.   This should be the league, trophy or anuual directory.   Click start and view the results using the down arrow.   For any duplicates check by reference to the directory in its path that the two images are in different leagues in different seasons.

Note the strategy is to only check League images against other League images, Trophy mages against other Trophy images and Annual images against other Annual images. That way, (until we allowed use of an image in two leagues) any duplicates found would be an error. This is still true for Trophy and Annual, but any duplicate found in a league has to be checked that the type (digital or print) and the Seasons (note not years) are different. No attempt is made to find duplicates in all competitions and then try and sort out if they are permissable, that would be impractical.

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