Benfleet Camera Club - New Web Site

We have redesigned our web site using CakePHP, a modern PHP 5.4+ framework with a flexible database access layer rather than hand coded HTML and PHP.   The details of this are not important to understand to use the site, but it means we can offer improved features, improved security and simplify our maintenance.

Although the initial re-development of the site in Cake requires technical web development skills, a major design aim is to parameterise variables such as competition dates, club address, membership fee, meeting date and time, etc., so that these can be simply changed by an administrator, rather than require programming changes to the web pages.

The main change is that members only functions have been moved into a members section which will require logon.   Rather than use a fixed site wise logon for all club members as we used to, we will now have separate user ids and passwords for each member which you will be able to choose for yourself.   This will give us greater security, and it will enable the system to recognise you, and show you your own images.   We are hoping that image uploading will be greatly simplified.

The public side of the web site will look basically the same as it does now, with a few minor changes, but it will be rendered by the Cake application from the database maintained by the administrators.

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