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DPI League Results 2018/19

Best Image Entry
Robin Vinten Sunset at Hadleigh Castle 01-Oct-18
Pat Crosby Maspalomas Dunes 26-Nov-18
Pat Crosby Contemplation 28-Jan-19
Donna Tetchner Mountain Gem 11-Mar-19
Best Image Advanced
Sharne Fairchild Lady of the lake 01-Oct-18
Clive Pike Here's looking at you 26-Nov-18
Sharne Fairchild Morning Light 28-Jan-19
Darren Lindsey On the Run 11-Mar-19
Best Image Premier
Paul Thwaites Sunset Grebe 01-Oct-18
Cheryl Kirby Tate Modern 26-Nov-18
Richard Wiseman Banded Demoiselle on grass seed head 28-Jan-19
Cheryl Kirby Flour Power 11-Mar-19

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Entry Places
1st Donna Tetchner 72
2nd Pat Crosby 71
3rd Robin Vinten 66.5
Advanced Places
1st Darren Lindsey 76.5
2nd Alison Bowditch 72
3rd Sharne Fairchild 69
Premier Places
1st Paul Thwaites 75
2nd Barry Harrington 74
3rd Jane Barrett 73

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