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External Results

6th April 2019 - Maldon Challenge Trophy
The Maldon Challenge Trophy is the final external competition of the year and is always of a high standard. The competition comprises of four monochrome prints, four colour prints and six PDI’s each marked out of 10 points. The competition was pre-judged by Ken Payne who gave a general critique on the evening. Colchester were eventual winners with 128.5, (again) with Photofold a close second one point behind. Benfleet were 5th with 120 points.

Benfleet’s Print Entries were:
Ballet Bad Boyz by Cheryl Kirby - 9
Boxing Kid by Nick Alston - 10 and Highly Commended
On Point by Jane Barrett - 10 and Overall Award for Best Print
Dust Spray, Elephant Cooling Down by Alison Bowditch - 8
African Affection by Darren Lindsey - 9.5
Sheikh Pilgrim at the Golden Temple by Paul Thwaites - 8
Alone by Darren Lindsey - 8
Resting Eurasian Lynx by Jane Barrett - 9.5

Benfleet’s PDI Entries were:
Sunset Grebe by Paul Thwaites - 6
Power by Jane Barrett - 10 and Highly Commended
Banded Demoiselle on Grass Seed Head by Richard Wiseman - 8
Gaze into my Crystal Ball by Jane Barrett - 9.5
Lady in Red by Cheryl Kirby - 7.5
Out of Court by David Portwain - 7

Overall Result = 5th Place, Best Overall Print and 3 Highly Commended
19th March 2019 – Thurrock Three Way Print Cup
A competition hosted by Thurrock between Thurrock, Leigh and Benfleet Camera Clubs, this year judged by Vic Hainsworth ARPS, DPAGB. Each club entered ten prints on an open theme and again the Benfleet entries seemed to tick the judge’s boxes only dropping 10 points overall and winning comfortably with 90 points, Leigh were second with 83.5 and Thurrock close behind with 82.5.

Benfleet’s Print entries:
Soaring Gannett by Jannine Lloyd - 9
Boxing Kid by Nick Alston - 8
Martial Eagle with remains of mongoose by Alison Bowditch - 8.5
Newhaven Lighthouse in a storm by Darren Lindsey - 9.5
Focus & Determination by Jane Barrett - 9
Art Deco girl with car by Barry Harrington - 10
Soul Man by Jane Barrett - 10
In the Spotlight by Nick Alston - 10
It’s all gone pear shaped by Clive Pike - 6
Great Spotted Woodpecker by Keith Payne - 10

Overall Result = Win
18th March 2019 – Sandown Trophy
The Sandown Trophy is normally a four-way print and PDI competition hosted by the previous years winners which meant it was held at Benfleet. Unfortunately, Rayleigh were still unable to send an entry, meaning that there was only a total of 36 images to be judged by David Steel DPAGB. Benfleet had a runaway success in the PDI’s and lead by 10 clear points going into the print round. This was much closer with Leigh piping us 53 points to 50.5. Overall Benfleet won with 104.5 points, Leigh CC in 2nd with 94 and Southend with 93 points.

Benfleet’s PDI entries:
Silver & Gold by Barry Harrington - 9
Out of court by David Portwain - 8
Banded Demoiselle on grass seed head by Richard Wiseman - 10
Resting Eurasian Lynx by Jane Barrett - 9.5
A Mother’s Love by Jason Bax - 9

Benfleet’s print entries:
Lady in red by Cheryl Kirby - 8.5
3 Grass track racing by Don Thompson - 8
Sunset Grebe by Paul Thwaites - 8
Soaring Gannett by Jannine Lloyd - 9
St Paul’s by Cheryl Kirby -7
Boxing Kid by Nick Alston - 10

Overall Result = Win
14th February 2019 – Essex Inter-Club Projected Images Competition
Eight clubs each entered 6 PDI’s on an open theme which was judged by Peter Espley and hosted by Leigh Camera Club. After the battering by Chelmsford on Monday Benfleet were keen to make amends which we did by only dropping 2.5 points ending up with 57.5 out of 60 and winning the competition overall. Looking on the trophy it appears it is only the second time we have done so in its 56-year history!

Benfleet’s entries were:
Silver & Gold by Barry Harrington - 10
A mother’s love by Jason Bax - 10
Soul Man by Jane Barrett - 10
Resting Eurasian Lynx by Jane Barrett - 9.5
What’s up in London by Darren Lindsey - 9.5
Tate Modern by Cheryl Kirby - 8.5

Overall Result = Win
11th February 2019 – Benfleet CC v Chelmsford CC Print Battle
A competition consisted of 10 monochrome prints and 10 colour prints from each club, judged by Clive Tanner FRPS MPAGB EFIAP. Unfortunately, the judge didn’t seem to like any of our prints and Chelmsford were the runaway winners 172 points compared to our 155.5 points. The only consolation was that we had the best monochrome image and best image overall with On Point by Jane Barrett.

Colour images:
Dancing with the flow by Jane Barrett - 8/
Cathedral Cave Dancer by Barry Harrington - 8
The Evening flight by Darren Lindsey - 7.5
African Affection by Darren Lindsey - 9
First signs of autumn by Keith Payne - 6
Cellist by Clive Pike - 6
It’s all gone pear shaped by Clive Pike - 7.5
In a world of her own by Georgina Pike - 8
3 Grass Track Racing by Don Thompson - 8
Sunset Grebe by Paul Thwaites - 7.5

Monochrome images:
Boxing Kid by Nick Alston - 9.5
Soul Man by Jane Barrett - 7
On Point by Jane Barrett - 10
Dust Spray, elephant cooling down by Alison Bowditch - 8.5
Shaw Farm, Woodham by Geoff Eldred - 7
‘Che’ Mongolian Nomad by Barry Harrington - 7.5
Ballet Bad Boyz by Cheryl Kirby - 8.5
See you roundabout 5 by Barry Harrington - 8
The Face by Don Thompson - 6.5
Dawn Fisherman by Paul Thwaites - 7.5

Overall Result = Lost
19th January 2019 – Cambridge Inter-Club PDI Competition
Thirty-six clubs entered this digital competition fought over five rounds, each with a specified subject and marked out of 20. This year’s judge was Kirsty Ralfs ARPS.

Benfleet’s entries were:
Round 1 Monochrome – Soul Man by Jane Barrett scored 17/20
Round 2 People – Social Networking by Jackie Soilleux 16/20
Round 3 Landscape – Alone by Darren Lindsey 17/20
Round 4 Nature – Sunset Grebe by Paul Thwaites 20/20
Round 5 Open – Dance like no one is watching by Jane Barrett 17/20

Overall we were placed 18th with Cambridge Camera Club winning.

15th January 2019 – Thurrock Pegasus Trophy
Hosted by Thurrock five clubs took part in this unusual trophy competition, Thurrock, Dagenham, Photofold, Barking and Benfleet. The competition is run over 10 rounds, each round topic is chosen by the previous round winning club from a list of different photographic genres. The club choosing the topic goes first and each club in turn tries to ‘beat’ the image shown, when all clubs have been the last image standing is the winner. This years Judge was Paul Radden LRPS DPAGB EFIAP/b PSA2*

The competition ended up in the three-way tie with Thurrock, Benfleet and Photofold each winning three rounds creating a tie break round which was won by Thurrock.

Well done to all the contributing authors from Benfleet who were Paul Twaites, Barry Harrington, Jackie Soilleux, Cheryl Kirby, Ken Farge, Geoff Eldred, Darren Lindsey, David Portwain, Jannine Lloyd, Nick Alston and Jane Barrett.

Overall Result = Three way tie but lost in tie-break to Thurrock CC

18th October 2018 - Alan Coleman Trophy – 6 Monochrome Prints (Black & White not toned)
Hosted by Barking Photographic Society, this competition is always of a high standard with 9 clubs participating, unusually Thurrock CC were not represented this year. All prints have to be current work within the last two years and no more than two prints per photographer.

This year’s judge was Martin Barnard LMPA. Overall Benfleet only dropped 2½ points from the six prints, scoring a total of 117.5 of a possible 120. Unfortunately, Loughton only dropped half a point so won with 119.5, followed in joint second by Upminster and Woodford with 118 pushing us down to 4th.

The six prints were:
1. Soul Man – Jane Barrett, scored 20 & Best Print
2. Ballet Bad Boyz – Cheryl Kirby, scored 19
3. Teamwork – Jane Barrett scored 20
4. Mongolian Nomad Gobi – Barry Harrington scored 20
5. Boxing Kid – Nick Alston scored 19.5
6. Lions – Barry Tetchner scored 19

1st Place Loughton (119 pts)
2nd Place Upminster & Woodford (118 pts)
4th Place Benfleet (117.5 pts)

Overall Result = 4th Place & Best Image
13th October 2018 - Chelmsford Camera Club – Panel of 6 Prints (4C’s)
The competition consists of 6 prints on a common theme displayed as a panel and this year it was judged by Barbie Lindsay (MPAGB, EFIAP/s, FBPE). Fourteen clubs entered a total of 26 panels, more than in previous years and included Wayland PS which is based in Norfolk!

The top three places were all animal panels, 1st place going to Cambridge CC with Animals of Yellowstone in Winter. We entered two panels, Adventures in Smoke Photography by Barry Harrington and Dance like no one is watching by Jane Barrett DPAGB BPE2*, which was Highly Commended.

Overall Result = Highly commended
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