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Trophy Results 2019/20

PDI Trophy Animals and Plants 17-Feb-2020 Judge: Gordon Bramham MPAGB EFIAP/b
1st: Jane Barrett - Descending Eurasian Lynx
2nd: Alison Bowditch - Taking Cover In The Long Dry Grass
3rd: Jane Barrett - Anthurium
Commended: Darren Lindsey - Sea eagle
Commended: Alison Bowditch - Locked On Target
Commended: Geoff Eldred - Otter
PDI Trophy Scapes 03-Feb-2020 Judge: Paul Raddon LRPS DPAGB EFIAP/b PSA2*
1st: Barry Harrington - The Lighthouse
2nd: Darren Lindsey - Distant Fire under the Stars
3rd: Barry Harrington - Bamburgh Sunrise
Commended: Steve Thompson - Crampon & Ice Axe Required
Commended: Peter Albrecht - gas pipes,canvey island
Commended: Alan White - Canoe in Mist
PDI Trophy Sport 06-Jan-2020 Judge: Naomi Saul ARPS DPAGB ASINWP EFIAP
1st: Nick Alston - Women's Boxing - That hurt
2nd: Nick Alston - Lone Wheelchair competitor in the London Marathon
3rd: Paul Thwaites - A Bit Too Close For Comfort
Commended: Vaughan White - The Tackle
Commended: Paul Thwaites - Whitewater
Commended: Jane Barrett - On the run
Print Trophy Animals and Plants 25-Nov-2019 Judge: Mike Fuller
1st: Alison Bowditch - Lions on patrol
2nd: Paul Thwaites - Preening Gannet
3rd: Darren Lindsey - Gone Fishing
Commended: Lori Wiseman - Little egret landing
Commended: Paul Thwaites - Sunlit Gannet
Commended: Darren Lindsey - Male and female Kingfisher dispute
Commended: Darren Lindsey - Banded demoiselle
Commended: Edward Woof - Cirsium Vulgare (Spear thistle)
Commended: Barry Tetchner - Rueppell's Vulture
Print Trophy Monochrome 30-Sep-2019 Judge: Roy Essery MPAGB
1st: Alison Bowditch - Looking over his shoulder
2nd: Darren Lindsey - White tailed Eagle in flight
3rd: Nick Alston - Mean Machine
Commended: Barry Harrington - Ballet Break
Commended: Jane Barrett - Dark Rider
Commended: Nick Alston - Saying Grace at the Orphanage
Print Trophy Portrait and Figure 16-Sep-2019 Judge: Martin Barnard LMPA
1st: Paul Thwaites - Nepalese Potter
2nd: Jane Barrett - Nico
3rd: Geoff Eldred - John
Commended: Nick Alston - Judo Brothers
Commended: Cheryl Kirby - Hand in Hand
Commended: Barry Harrington - Mishka
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