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Trophy Results 2018/19

DPI Trophy Animals and Plants 29-Apr-2019 Judge: Mike Fuller
1st: Barry Harrington - Snow Fox
2nd: David Portwain - Elephants' sand bath
3rd: Barry Harrington - Sunflower
Commended: Darren Lindsey - Stealing the Eels
Commended: Jannine lloyd - Soring Gannet
Commended: Darren Lindsey - Malachite sun bird
DPI Trophy Scapes 04-Mar-2019 Judge: David Hall LRPS
1st: Barry Harrington - Sandscape
2nd: David Sawyer - Winter Reflections Westcliff on Sea
3rd: Jannine lloyd - Sea At Felixstow
Commended: Barry Harrington - The Windows
Commended: Paul Thwaites - Roughting Linn Waterfall
Commended: Darren Lindsey - Sunrise On The Broads
Print Trophy Mono 04-Feb-2019 Judge: Ron Tear ARPS,MPAGB,PSA3,BPE4*
1st: Jane Barrett - On Point
2nd: Barry Harrington - Love on the Rocks
3rd: Jane Barrett - Body Beautiful
Commended: Paul Thwaites - Cusco Man
Commended: Jane Barrett - Focus & Determination
Commended: Alison Bowditch - Dust spray - elephant cooling down
Commended: Alison Bowditch - Close Up - Lion Snarling
Print Trophy Scapes 14-Jan-2019 Judge: Roy Essery MPAGB
1st: Barry Harrington - Champagne pool
2nd: Peter Harding - Atlantic Swell
3rd: Don Thompson B.P.E.3* - THE THAMES BARGE IN MIST
Commended: Keith Payne - Brancaster Staithe
Commended: Donna Tetchner - Beruwala Sri Lanka Sunset
Commended: Don Thompson B.P.E.3* - CANVEY SEA FRONT
Print Trophy Animals and Plants 12-Nov-2018 Judge: Ron Tear ARPS,MPAGB,PSA3,BPE4*
1st: Alison Bowditch - Cheetah Hunt
2nd: Darren Lindsey - African Affection
3rd: Richard Wiseman - Banded Demoiselle on grass seed head
Commended: Darren Lindsey - Red foxes Fighting
Commended: Paul Thwaites - Sunset Grebe
Commended: Richard Wiseman - Regal Elegance
Commended: Don Thompson B.P.E.3* - THE LAST LEAF
Commended: Jane Barrett - Mum & Cub
DPI Trophy Portrait and Figure 29-Oct-2018 Judge: Naomi Saul ARPS,DPAGB,ASINWP,EFIAP
1st: Paul Thwaites - Holi Boy (Holi Festival in India)
2nd: Barry Harrington - Silver and Gold
3rd: Pat Crosby - Kyran
Commended: Barry Harrington - A very important Gentleman
Commended: Darren Lindsey - Cuban essence
Commended: Paul Thwaites - Jaipur Beauty
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