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Best Image Entry
Donna Tetchner Grey Langur Monkey (semnopithecus priam) 17-Sep-18
Donna Tetchner Grey-Tailed Mountain Gem Hummingbird 15-Oct-18
Graham Bailey a walk in fall 07-Jan-19
Graham Bailey ready and loaded 18-Feb-19
Donna Tetchner Glacier Bay 23-Mar-19
Best Image Advanced
Clive Pike Love match 17-Sep-18
Keith Payne Slow down Amy 15-Oct-18
Keith Payne Great Spotted Woodpecker (Adult) 07-Jan-19
Jannine lloyd Soring Gannet 18-Feb-19
Jannine lloyd Fan away May 23-Mar-19
Best Image Premier
Nick Alston Loving the Competition 17-Sep-18
Jane Barrett Resting Eurasian Lynx 15-Oct-18
Barry Harrington Cathedral Cave Dancer 07-Jan-19
Jane Barrett On Point 18-Feb-19
Jane Barrett Dance like no one is watching 23-Mar-19

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Entry Places
1st Donna Tetchner 75.5
2nd Graham Bailey 65.5
3rd Terry Warren 36.5
Advanced Places
1st Keith Payne 75
2nd Peter Harding 73
3rd Jannine lloyd 72.5
Premier Places
1st Jane Barrett 78
2nd Darren Lindsey 76.5
3rd Cheryl Kirby 74.5
3rd Barry Harrington 74.5

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