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Print League Results 2019/20

Best Image Entry
Kim Webb bethany 28-Oct-19
Robin Vinten Grey Squirrel 09-Dec-19
Bradley Bailey Lone Sentry 13-Jan-20
Best Image Advanced
Donna Tetchner Olive Baboon Kenya 28-Oct-19
Geoff Eldred Runny Honey 09-Dec-19
Paul Thwaites Misty Sunrise Fishing Trip 13-Jan-20
Best Image Premier
Barry Tetchner Barn Owl 28-Oct-19
Jane Barrett Sneaking a drink amongst the big guys 09-Dec-19
Jane Barrett Leah 13-Jan-20

Show Top 3

Entry Places
1st Robin Vinten 53.5
2nd Mike Kane 47
3rd Bradley Bailey 36
4th Kim Webb 19.5
5th Tim Sycamore 8
Advanced Places
1st Paul Thwaites 55.5
2nd Geoff Eldred 53.5
3rd Donna Tetchner 51.5
4th David Wiser 51
5th Vaughan White 49.5
6th Graham Bailey 47
7th Gary Webb 46
Premier Places
1st Darren Lindsey 56.5
2nd Jane Barrett 55.5
3rd David Portwain 54
4th Nick Alston 53.5
5th Cheryl Kirby 52.5
6th Barry Harrington 52
7th Barry Tetchner 51.5
8th Alison Bowditch 51
9th Peter Albrecht 49
10th Keith Payne 33.5
11th Jannine lloyd 16.5

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